September: Spotlight on MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports)

Posted: September 27, 2022


By Mrs. Letzring and Mr. Dockstader

This is about meeting all kids where they are on the scope of learning. This looks different at all grade levels. We are working hard to push our students forward and to achieve at higher levels. 

At the elementary level, we are running MTSS times with K-1, 2-4, and 5-6. We are breaking each grade level into groups that are at their individual learning level. Each time has additional teachers to support. During this time students go to different classrooms to learn with students at the same level as them. We will continue their interventions for 4 weeks at a time before changing. This is all data driven, so students can move fluidly between groups.

Another new training our staff is going through this year is Guided Reading. We are hoping that by implementing this and increasing our tool box that we will continue to see improvements in our reading levels and scores. Our 5th and 6th grade are also implementing a new Math curriculum that we hope boosts engagement, so far the students seem to be enjoying it!

Other exciting things happening in the elementary include: Morning Meetings, Field Trips and a PTO event at the end of the month! Morning Meetings are a time to start the day on a positive note. This is all about creating a sense of belonging in our classroom and our building. Field trips this month include Butterfly Tagging (3rd grade), Osborne (2nd grade) and Fort Atkinson (5th grade). On September 30th, families are invited in to see classrooms and enjoy a treat with their kiddos. We are hoping to make this a regular occurrence. 

At the middle school level, we are focusing our work on enhancing BUC time so that student’s needs are met for instructional skills missed and social emotional learning.  We have students working on missed skills on Tuesdays and Fridays where they can be called out for their Tier 1 interventions by teachers.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays we work on Leader in Me and trying to make a positive impact on our culture.  In addition, every morning the Middle School teachers meet with students to start the day right.  They try to focus on positives and what is going well for them before they start the day in their exploratories in the high school.

In high school we have worked on student’s skills in the classroom for our Tier 1 interventions during BUC time.  We were concentrating on homework completion or missing assignments, but were having problems with students who refused to do the work when given chances.   The concentration on Skill vs Will is frustrating for us, since trying to motivate students to complete assignments is not something we can do in BUC time.  Motivating students will have to be designed as a Tier 2 intervention time.  The schedule for high school is a two week time frame.  Students are asked by teachers to come to their classrooms on Monday.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays they go to Science/English, and Wednesdays and Fridays are for Math and Social Studies.  If a student isn’t asked for during these days, they can be asked for by elective teachers.  

The MTSS process is continually being designed and changed.  We will update our families when things change.  As part of the process we will use our student assistant teams to work on interventions and there are additional Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions that need to be implemented.